The MONOBUOY Company was set up in 1998 to provide multi-disciplined engineering, project management and construction services to oil and gas companies throughout the world.

Our staff has accumulated well over 50 years experience in the fields of offshore offloading terminals.
Monobuoy has brought together a team of experienced professionals to help port, terminal and FPSO operators solve problems - the problems they themselves faced when they started to manage ports some twenty-five years ago.
At that time, it would have been great to have some experienced hands to call on. They had to work things out for themselves. Sometimes they got it right. Sometimes they got it wrong. But you don't have to. You can benefit from our experience.
Yours is a high-risk business. We will use our experience and expertise and even get our hands dirty to help you load or discharge your cargoes safely, efficiently and cost-effectively. The Monobuoy Company can take every aspect of terminal management off your hands.

The Monobuoy Company is the only company in the world that specialise in this field. In addition, to the expertise of the directors and senior consultants The Monobuoy Company draws upon oil, gas, marine and engineering professionals who've amassed several hundred years of experience in the business. The only commitment we have is to our clients.

We act in your best interests, offering you the best advice, service and deals to be had in the world.

Designing and Building Single Point Mooring Systems

We have a worldwide offices and agents for your convenience which can be reached through our