Used Buoys

Monobuoy offers wide range of the products and services as well as the refurbishment, upgrade and/or reconditioning of already used buoys. We work with the number of trusted shipyards all over the world which are capable to provide the most efficient job required.

Monobuoy has buoys in stock which can be modified according to the client requirements or bought "as it is".

We currently do not have buoys for sale in stock.

Designing and Building Single Point Mooring Systems

12 m CALM Buoy with 3 path product swivel, 8 chainstoppers and with the loading capacity of 250,000 t (built 1974)

Turntable Buoy designed by Single Buoy Mooring of Monaco.

Decommissioning planned for Jan 2018.

Current Location - after decomissioning will be stored on land in UAE.
New listing of used Buoys for sale
Sold May 2019
11 meter CALM buoy with rotating turntable and up to 350,000 DWT Tanker Mooring Capability.

The buoy was designed and manufactured by Single Buoy Moorings of Monaco with a Hull number of SO1210. The place of intended first installation was Port Stanvac, offshore Adelaide, Australia in 1993 and it was decommissioned in 2003.

It is designed for a Six equally spaced chain leg anchoring pattern with 2 20 + 1 12 piping configuration and Double Path Product Swivel.
Sold-out Buoys
Sold September 2014

Polygon Type 11.4 meter diameter CALM Buoy with rotating turntable and up to 250,000 DWT Tanker Mooring Capability.

It is designed for an Eight equally spaced chain leg anchoring pattern. 2 24 + 1 16 piping configuration. Double Path Product Swivel.

Sold April 2014