CALM Buoy Overhauls

CALM Buoy systems are generally overhauled every 10 years depending on the level of usage, maintenance and severity of the environment.

Monobuoy offers overhaul expertise and supervision packages in cooperation with local shipyards offering a quicker turnaround time.

The Overhaul of a CALM Buoy usually includes the following:

* Pre-overhaul offshore CALM Buoy inspection ( in order to define spare part requirements)
* Supply & Shipment of CALM Buoy Spare Parts (See Spare Parts section)
* Buoy disconnection and tow to yard
* Yard Overhaul Supervision & Class Society liaison
* Final Yard pre-commissioning, testing and tow/installation preparation
* Tow to site, re-installaition and commissioning
* Update As built drawings and Overhaul Documentation

Please contact our team if you require any assistance for your Overhaul project.
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